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BeethovenX DAO Reliquary NFT Terms

Protocol & Entity Participation.

Unless otherwise indicated, the defined and capitalized terms used below incorporate the same meaning as the terms used in the BeethovenX DAO LLC operating agreement (the “Agreement”), available here. The NFT is referred to as the “Token” in the Agreement.

By using this NFT to participate in the governance and operations of the BeethovenX, the holder of this NFT agrees to be subject to the terms of the Agreement, including as a Member of its entity structure. BeethovenX formed a nonprofit LLC under the laws of the Republic of the Marshall Islands on TBD. Participation in the governance and operations of BeethovenX includes, but is not limited to, utilizing the NFT to: (1) vote on Proposals to become Governance Resolutions, (2) attend events and otherwise communicate with the BeethovenX community, and (3) interact with the BeethovenX protocol.

Except as otherwise provided in the Agreement, a Token Holder’s membership interest or rights thereunder in relation to this NFT are freely transferable to another person through its conveyance. Except as otherwise provided in the Agreement, a Member shall be deemed to have resigned from the BeethovenX DAO LLC upon the disposal or transfer of this NFT.